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The File On Thelma Jordan

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The File On Thelma Jordan

Published 1950
Thelma Jordon (Barbara Stanwyck), late one night, shows up in the office of married Assistant DA Cleve Marshall (Wendell Corey). Before Cleve can stop himself, he and Thelma are involved in an illicit affair. But Thelma is a mysterious woman, and Cleve can't help wondering if she is hiding something. Thelma has a plan up her sleeve that will ruin Corey if his love for her and his own weakness win out. Thelma has a heart and a conscience. She comes to love Cleve, and has concern for his life and his future. Despite her wish that her life could be different, she realizes that she belongs in a lawless world.
Caution - DivX 4.0 @ 23.97 fps

Run time 1:39:59
Producer Break Wind Studios
Production Company Wallis-Hazen Inc
Audio/Visual sound, Black and white
Language English


Reviewer: Karl Bunker - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 14, 2012
Subject: A perfect noir
Other viewers may be able to find flaws with this film, but I can't. Barbara Stanwyck is, as always, a femme fatale you can imagine a man risking everything for, and Wendell Corey is perfect as the quintessential noir protagonist who makes his One Big Mistake.

For those who love film noir, movies like this are the reason why.
Reviewer: Dr Feel Rotten - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 27, 2010
Subject: Pretty good yarn
It wasn't fabulous, but pretty good. it did take a long time to develop, but i suppose that was needed.
I would hate to have the doctors in the movies if my heart stopped. They never even attempt CPR even in the ER. They just check for a pulse, there is none so they close your eyes and shake their head no. The victims eyes never widen, they never struggle for breath, nothing. They just peacefully kick off waiting the the doctors nod.
I hope i go that way, but life just doesn't happen that way unless perhaps you're wearing a $500,000 suit or gown then you just slightly stiffen then it's coitins and THE END flashes.
Reviewer: keygrip - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 29, 2009
Subject: One to cherish
It's all tosh but it's high quality tosh and great entertainment.Barbara was just past her Double Indemnity peak but there was still no better femme fatale in the movies.
Wendell Corey,always a dour second rank leading man had possibly the best role of his career.
Reviewer: Sugarbat - - February 4, 2009
Subject: No...
"Break Wind Studios"?
Reviewer: Campfire - - August 10, 2008
Subject: Screen Ratio
In 1950, the 4:3 screen ratio was the only one there was. Movies did not begin toying with wider screens until after the success of The Robe in 1953. As for burning to DVD, I highly recommend looking at ConvertXtoDVD, which seems to handle these PAL format (23.97 fps) Divx movies without a problem.
Reviewer: NDArch - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 16, 2007
Subject: Had to dl updated codecs
I downloaded the DivX version and only had sound at first. It was easy enough to fix as the lack of video was at my end--I just downloaded the newest K-Lite codec pack (v. 3.5.7), installed it and the movie plays fine. This version is a nice and clear copy, but it's in 4:3 format. I'm not sure if this was the original aspect-ratio or not. In any case, a fine addition to IA by someone.
Reviewer: rq52 - - December 15, 2007
Subject: want to see it.................
I like Miss Stanwyck's acting. I look forward to seeing her in films. I downloaded it in anticipation. I am disheartened in IA. The download was incomplete in fact it won't be refuses to be burned onto a DVD.
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